Use Cases

PrintNode has been designed with versatility in mind. We help warehouse operations to print labels and barcodes; we print prescrptions for pharmacies; we facilitate order printing in restaurants and we power stock handling processes in global shipping and logistics operations.

Here are some of the ways PrintNode can help your business achieve its goals.

Label and barcode printing

Automated label and barcode printing is easy, fast and hassle-free with PrintNode. We support all the most popular label printers from the most trusted manufacturers, such as Zebra, DYMO, Epson and Brother, so you can print your 4x6 courier labels, 3x1 barcodes, pick lists and dispatch notices easily and without fuss.

PrintNode has full support for printer native formats such as ZPL, EPL, ESC/P, FGL, CPCL, ZPLII, EPL2, ESC/POS and more through our RAW printing feature, so you can get the most out of your label printer's advanced features, such as paper cutting.

Even if you are not using a specialised label or barcode printer, you can print barcodes and labels as PDF documents. PrintNode gives you plenty of options to control your printer, so you can be assured of reliable performance and repeatable quality.

One-click printing from your website

If you need fast, reliable, automated printing as part of your online workflow, PrintNode has you covered.

Your end users need labels, tickets or any kind of document printed as part of your online application workflow, but having them manually print via their browser is clumsy and error-prone – and is not a "one-click" solution. With a PrintNode integration, your backend system can send documents straight to your end user's printer – and you control formatting, sizing and printer settings, so you know the results will be predictable and correct.

We can even whitelabel our Client software, so that the end user experience is consistent with your branding.

Point-of-sale printing

PrintNode is ideal for point-of-sale (POS) applications. PrintNode has great support for receipt printers and continuous roll printers, and also supports cash drawer kick-out commands and weighing scales.

If you don't already have a Windows / macOS device for your POS solution, PrintNode also runs on low cost, low power devices like the Raspberry Pi. You get the convenience and value of a hosted cloud printing service with the real-time speed and responsiveness of an expensive proprietary system.

Integrating with your business process

At PrintNode, we understand that you want to focus on running your business, not managing a cloud printing system. We have designed PrintNode to integrate perfectly with your business processes.

  • PrintNode is powered by a standards-compliant, RESTful API that your development team will find super-easy to use and integrate with.

  • PrintNode supports a wide variety of querying and notification mechanisms, including push notifications over webhooks and websockets, so you can monitor the health of your integration in real time.

  • PrintNode supports whitelabeling of our Client software, for consistent integration with your branding and corporate image.

Shipping, logistics and warehouse printing

PrintNode was originally started to power the printing needs of Warehouse Management Systems, so it should be no surprise that it is a perfect fit for the warehouse.

Fast, reliable, high-quality printing is only part of the story: PrintNode also integrates with weighing scales and makes scale data available via API calls or, for ultimate efficiency and low latency, over websockets. Ideal for pick and pack benches.

Printing for the global enterprise

PrintNode is prepared to handle integrations at truly enterprise scale. Many of our customers use PrintNode in global shipping and logistics operations.

PrintNode integrates easily with your existing management systems, has the performance to handle your peak times without becoming slow or unreliable, and supports the hardware you run your business on.

For the largest operations and deployments which require ultimate performance and global reach, PrintNode can deploy dedicated servers worldwide, or even support you in deploying private PrintNode installations in your own infrastructure.

Printing for pharmacies and medical services

Protection of sensitive user data is a hot topic and recent events and legislation have thrust these concerns into the spotlight more than ever.

Medical data is highly regulated and protected. PrintNode allows you to meet your regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, and minimise your risk in a variety of ways:

  • You can print documents using self-hosting, so that they never leave your network.

  • You can use our Zero-Knowledge Printing feature, for provable assurance that even PrintNode cannot access your information.

  • For the ultimate in security and performance, you can run a full PrintNode server, completely airgapped, inside your own network – with direct support from the same engineers that keep PrintNode itself running around the clock.