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Connect any printer to your application with the PrintNode Client and an easy to use JSON API

Why Use PrintNode?

Blazingly Fast

Our system is designed from the ground up to be as fast and efficient as possible. No more waiting – your prints happen exactly when you want them to.

Secure and Private

We take your security and privacy seriously. We encrypt everything, we don't collect data we don't need and we never share your information with anyone.
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Built for Enterprise

PrintNode is ready to handle large-scale users with enterprise features such as Integrator Accounts, Delegated Authentication, private cloud deployments and rock-solid redundancy and scalability.
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News and Developments

Standalone Server is now available

January 28, 2020

We are delighted to announce that our Standalone Server product has passed final testing and has been released! You can now have your own private deployment of a full PrintNode system.

Please contact us for details!

Coronavirus notice

March 16, 2020

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, as of today PrintNode has taken the precaution of transitioning fully to remote working. All of our staff are trained and equipped to work from home for an indefinite period and we do not anticipate any impact to the stability or security of PrintNode's services. We will be closely monitoring the effect of the pandemic on our suppliers and will issue updates as required. Our support channels are open as usual.

Print to any Printer

PrintNode can print to all types of printers. Print labels, barcodes, receipts or documents with ease with either PDF or RAW printing (ZPL/EPL etc). We support DYMO, Zebra, HP, OKI, Epson and countless other brands and types. PrintNode gets its list of printers from your operating system – if your printer is installed on your computer, it will work with PrintNode.

Your Own Branding

Make it feel like your own app. If you sign up for an Integrator Account, PrintNode can provide you with your very own custom-branded version of the PrintNode Client. Replace our logos and branding with ones that match your business and integrate with your existing authentication systems.

See our branding guidelines.

Connect Scales to Your Website

PrintNode supports both serial and USB weighing scales. Stream your scale data across the internet and integrate it into your application using our API. With USB scales, absolutely no setup is required! Just plug in your scales and the PrintNode Client will detect them and start streaming data. For more details, including guidance on setting up serial scales, take a look at our documentation.

See the API Reference for specifications and guidance on reading scale data.

RAW Printing

For extra-fast, extra-robust printing of labels and barcodes with specialist printers from manufacturers like Zebra and DYMO, PrintNode supports RAW printing – you can send documents written in ZPL, EPL or any other native printing language straight to your printer using the PrintNode API.

Read our docs page to find out more about RAW printing.

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PrintNode works on all major brands of printers and scales, including:

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